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The Sheriff's call it a Briefing - The Police call it a Roll Call.  Either way you slice it - it was the dissemination of very pertinent information for all of those Law Enforcement Officers coming onto the shift.

If you are a Custodial Officer, Jailer, or any type of Special Agent - this is the rule.  As you are coming onto shift, your very first step, out of the locker room, is to be briefed by the shift that is resigning for the day or night.

With Real Estate, the largest purchase of your life, it should be no different.  That is why we have put together our Buyers and Sellers Briefings.  Their functions are not to sell you anything.  It has been constructed to provide you with facts and options so "brainstorming" can occur and we can all deduce the right path to take.

In Real Estate there are many paths to the same goal - but some will place a client in harms way - which is not part of The Paris911 Mission Statement. 

Let us know by attending our Buyers and Sellers Briefing and getting all the applicable data to keep you and your safe when conducting any Real Estate Business.

Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley.  If you are far outside of our HQ - Let us know and we would be glad to put together a private Webinar for you.